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Make specialist tax expertise work for your property business

Specialist property tax accountants delivering tax advice to property investors

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A very rare breed of accountants

Our director, Shaz Nawaz, is an experienced property investor. He faces similar challenges to you. He knows what it takes to become a successful property investor. Click here to read about his property deals where he shares his insights.

Reducing tax liabilities

We will look at the best way of structuring your business so that you paythe least possible amount of tax.

Reducing capital gains tax

We will advise you on how to mitigate your capital gains tax liability.

Reducing inheritance tax

People often feel uncomfortable discussing this tax. But by taking actionnow you can ensure that it’s your loved ones that benefitfrom your hard-earned savings and investments, not HMRC. That’s where we come in.

"From working 80 hours a week to just 10"

Find out how we helped Mr Aziz the property investor to afford his dream car, and the time to enjoy it.

Click here to find out more about Mr. Aziz the entrepreneur

Are you fed up of two or more accountants giving you different advice based on the same question?

Tax law is complicated. In order to fully understand, and stay on top of current legislation, you need experts on your side. Our team specialises in different areas of tax law. We deliver relevant advice based on your personal circumstances.

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“In two years alone they saved me £63k in tax. No one has ever done that for me before. I’m so glad I’m working with a specialist firm of accountants unlike my previous accountant”.
Bobby Tribe
Bobby Tribe and family
Shaz is brilliant! He helped us save £55,050 in tax. That is a huge sum of money. I will use that money to grow my property business bigger.
Agata Talbot
Agata Talbot
Property Investor
Hugely enjoyed another course today...Shaz Nawaz. WOW! Put my hand up to say I'd like by the end of the how to save or reduce £600k of SDLT. Came out, not only with that, but knowledge of Capital Allowances! Now there's a huge bonus. Worth every single penny.
Steven Daniels
Steven Daniels
Property Investor
“I can’t thank them enough for all the advice and support they gave me whilst saving me over £30K in tax in one go. I would’ve had to sell some of my property portfolio to pay the rest but thankfully Shaz and the team saved me from that trauma”
Jerry and Vanessa-1
Jerry Rice, Director
Fouracres of Thorney and Property Investor
“I saved over £70K in tax on capital allowances on the purchase of a £1m building. I got the VAT back on the purchase of the building within weeks and yet my lawyers said it would take months”.
Abdul Aziz and Shaz
Abdul Aziz, Managing Director
Adam's Cash & Carry
After a fifteen-minute phone consultation, I established tax savings of over £65,000
Keeley Simpson-1
Keeley Simpson
Property Investor
Shaz is a great accountant for property investors as he is a rare breed that also invests and develops property himself. These 2 skills coupled with his commercial skill as a well-connected businessman can provide entrepreneurs with valuable advice which stems from personal experience, applicable to the real world.
Mark Homer-1
Mark Homer
Property Investor
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John Smith


Shaz's Property Projects

New England Club 4.png (002)

New England Club, Peterborough

Commercial to residential conversion

This is one of Shaz's current joint venture projects. The building is being converted two six 2-bedroom and six 1-bedroom flats. The development should be completed in February 2021.

London Rd Boston

London Road, Boston

Residential Development

This is a residential development project comprising of twelve 1-bedroom flats and six 2-bedroom flats that Shaz is currently working as a joint venture partner. It was completed on 28 February 2020.

Learn More  
Photo 4 - July 19

St Paul's Rd, Peterborough

New build project

A small new build development comprising of three 2-bedroom apartments and two 2-bedroom houses. The project will be completed on 30 June 2020.